moondanceCat's Onboard Menu

Sheet Pizza    $23(w/cheese each item add $3.35)

Chicken Wings $28(50 pieces, blue cheese, celery, carrots)
Chicken Fingers $29 (25 pieces, blue cheese, celery, carrots)

Domestic Cheese Platter (served with Pepperoni & crackers) $51(serves 20)  or  $97(serves 40)
Seasonal Fruit Tray $42(serves 20) or $78(serves 40)

Fresh Vegetable Platter (served with creamy ranch dip)$36(serves 20) or $67(serves 40)
Shrimp Platter (with cocktail sauce) $100(66 pieces) or $140(110 pieces)
Eight Layer Taco Dip w/nacho chips $36(serves 20)
Party Tray (cheddar, swiss, provolone with pepperoni, grapes, celery, carrots, dip) $47(serves 20) or $86(serves 40)
Mediterranean Tray (roasted red pepper, garlic, hummus, olives, pita..) $46(serves 16-20)
Mini Sandwiches (turkey, salami, ham & swiss served on 3" rolls w/garnish) $65(serves 12-16)
Hot Roast Beef (roast beef in hot AuJus, hardrolls, horseradish & mayo) $95(serves 10-15)
Wrap Trays (Ham, Turkey, Salami, cheese, fresh vegetables assorted wraps) $60(11 wraps serve 14 -18)   Pasta Salad (pasta, grape tomatoes, provolone, broccoli, etc.) $36(serves 16 - 20)
Home Style Potato Salad $30(serves 15 - 20)
Garden Salad (tossed lettuce,carrots, tomatoes, cucumbers, dressing, etc.) $45(serves 16 - 20)
Hawaiian Stix (coconut grilled shrimp with pineapple on a skewer served cold) $135(serves 15-20)   Jamacian Kabobs (jerk chicken, bacon, pineapple grilled vegetables, etc.) $135(serves 15-20)
Hot Roast Beef (roast beef in hot AuJus, Hardrolls, Horseradish & Mayo) $95(serves 10-15)   Pulled Pork Sliders $100(serves 15-20)
Fried Chicken (Country style fried chicken) $90(40/pcs/tray serves 16-20)   Sub Tray (Costanzo rolls, turkey, etc. & cheese, condiments on the side) $65(serves 14-18, 20 cut in half pieces)
Assorted Dessert Bars & Brownies $1.50/each   Fresh Baked Cookies $1.25/each
Bread bowl with Dill Dip $27.50 (serves 20)   Nacho Chips & Cheese $24(serves 20)
Potato Chips $6/2 Bags   Pretzels $6/2 Bags
Salsa, 16oz + One bag of chips $9   Paper Plates & Napkins $6
To Order: 716-854-7245 
***all orders are catered by Pete n Paul's and Mineo's Pizzaria*** All orders are subject to Sales tax and a $12.00 delivery charge
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